45 years of Career - Vitorino is one of the greatest composers of Portuguese Popular Music, a national symbol, and the greatest symbol and promoter of the Music of the Alentejo - UNESCO World Heritage with its Polyphonic Chant.


Vitorino was born in a family of musicians, in Redondo. He always heard music at home, and this was the environment in which he grew up, which will always link him to music.


He took his first steps in the music industry, in the 60s, in Paris, where he emigrated.


Vitorino, companion of Zeca Afonso, leader of the new song of resistance to the dictatorship, precursor of the new Portuguese song after the revolution of 1974, has collaborated with many national and international artists, having published 22 solo works.


Vitorino has always been connected to the roots of his native region - Alentejo - including in all his works the very genuine musical expression, unique in the world, the Alentejo Singing - World Heritage by UNESCO.


With a career spanning 45 years, Vitorino is more than a musician, he is a multifaceted artist with cultural and social concerns and, above all, with an enormous openness to artistic exchange.


He has toured the world singing in France, Germany, Spain, and Brazil. He performs every year more than 30 concerts as a solo artist or as part of other artistic projects he shares.


With the quartet he presents here, Vitorino has prepared the Best Off concert of his career, deeply inspired by the Cante Alentejano.








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